I Bought a Painting Program for Under $50 to Create Abstract Art and Free My Soul

Bits of Color, Abstract Digital Painting by C.E. Dembeck


I am no artist, in the sense I have had no formal training. But, I’ve always doodled, took photographs and experimented with water colors and pastels.

Still, spending 99.9% of my life earning a living for me and my family, sort of kept me from pursuing my interest in art — especially abstract art. I guess my favorite abstract artist is the now deceased, Swiss, German artist Paul Klee.Yet, I am attracted to just about any artist that is unconventional or creates, minimal, abstract or even outsider art.

Bought ArtRage Program

So, one day a few months ago, I decided to check out some digital art programs that would allow me to paint online, creating the closest version of an abstract or minimalist painting without all the expense, mess and need for space that comes with real-world artistry.

I came upon ArtRage, which I am not endorsing, nor have I included an affiliate link. If you are interested, look it and other comparable digital programs up and try them.

I purchased this program for under $50, downloaded it on my PC and iPad and started painting.

Eye of Creation, Abstract Art by C.E. Dembeck 

At first, it seemed a little awkward and unnatural, but as I played with it, the program soon became an extension of my mind and soul. Before I got seriously started, I searched YouTube and found some free how-to videos in creating abstract art using ArtRage. There are tons of them.

The fun, excitement and creative reward of delving into colors hidden in my mind, tinted with memories, impressions and feelings brought to live a part of me that had been in hibernation for decades. I suddenly became alive, again.

Marshland Sunset, Abstract Painting by C.E. Dembeck


The new expression definitely opened me up, as it might open you. But with this new openness there is vulnerability and fear.

What in the world am I talking about?

Well, sometimes creative feelings are attached to past trauma, long forgotten on purpose, for survival reasons. So, when you touch those healed wounds, they can sometimes come open again. Then there’s always the fear of self ridicule and the ridicule or judgement of others.

Small Price to Pay

Eclipse, Abstract Art by C.E. Dembeck


Still, in my case this was a small price to pay for the hours of enjoyment, fulfillment and overall wholeness creating my own artwork has given me. My only regret is that took so many years for me to listen to the small, persistent voice that told me to create. I hope you will not wait as long as I did.

Red City, Abstract Painting by C.E. Dembeck

Sunset Surreal, Abstract Painting by C.E. Dembeck